Home decor is a gift that keeps on giving but if you’re short on time or can’t decide on the right present for a wedding, anniversary, house warming, birthday – anything; giving the gift of a voucher is the perfect solution. Vouchers can be purchased in store and over the phone for your convenience.



If you have a special occasion coming up, setting up a gift registry will make the process of buying a present easy for your guests. You get to choose the right styles for your home, and guests can purchase products by simply clicking a button so it is efficient and stress free for everyone.

Register for a wide range of gifts, with quality brands including Salt & Pepper, Christopher Vine, Jennifer Dumet and Maxwell and Williams.

See our full range of brands.

When to register: The earlier you register the better. Ideally have it set up before you send the invitations out.

The gift will be gift wrapped prior to the guest taking it home.




Option 1

A group will be made on Facebook for your guests to see the gifts you have selected. Once they have chosen their gift online, they’ll pay over the phone and the gift will be wrapped and ready to go.

Option 2

Guests are welcome to come in-store to see the registry list and choose a gift at their leisure.